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All of the work on this page are a result of collaborations between Miami artists, which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020-21. It is unlikely that any of these pieces would have happened had we not all simultaneously endured such extraordinary circumstances.

Light (Trailer) by The Biscayne Poet, Karla Caprali, and Baby B Strings

This animated short film is about a Hispanic poet who comes face to face with Lady Death. She pursues him everywhere he goes, heightening his anxiety that the end is imminent, which leaves him unable to discern life from death.

“Light” was featured at The London International and Miami Short Film Festivals in 2021 and won an Audience Award.

Like Two Knives (Trailer) by The Biscayne Poet and Baby B Strings, feat. Lazaro Godoy


“Like Two Knives” juxtaposes the universal feelings of despair and the need to break free: strings from a quartet, a poet reciting, and a dancer breaking free from drowning. This film is a call to come out to the light and catch the sun to keep living and surviving.

Did You Know? Educational series by Hobuco

“Did You Know” is a collection of very brief videos that explain one interesting or little-known fact about a composer, musician, or piece in Western music history. Their aim is to educate and promote curiosity in classical music.

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